''Each one of us is a composer... of his/her life... Hearts and souls play music! They create music every single moment... Depending on the feeling, they choose a different instrument... The whole world actually is a global symphonic orchestra ! A mixture of sounds and melodies derived from deep within us ... And despite the variety of melodies and sounds there is always harmony !!! I wish people could listen to the music of their heart... How different the world would be...  That is why I love movies... Because there is music in every scene... Because when the words stop, music speaks... because I get to know more listening...  That is what I try when I write music ... to listen to the characters' hearts... It is not my music, it is theirs through my ears... Life is beautiful ... Life is an eternal soundtrack !''


Marianne E. Titiriga

Feature Film Creator/Executive Producer at Twentieth Century Fox-Disney/Screenwriter

“Eldina Papanastasiou creates music as I write and this is not the typical process. However, we found that this not only amplifies the scenes and emotions, bringing my words to life, but at times, actually inspires what I write.”


Amanda Hart


''When I first heard some of Eldina's musical compositions which were written for another screenplay, I was mesmerised and enchanted by her sensitivity, understanding and translation of the story to music. I knew in an instant that she had the capabilities to bring our own screenplay to life. Because our project is based on a biography, she has captured the characters, situations and the entire essence of this film perfectly as if she knows them in her heart. Eldina has a gift to enhance other creations and bring them to life with magic that touches you to the core. I feel very privileged and humbled that her music has breathed life into our screenplay and wholeheartedly feel she is a composer of the future to touch the hearts of us all''.

Amanda Hart